Wizards (1977)

Directed by Ralph Bakshi

Voices: Bob Holt, Jesse Welles, Richard Romanus, David Proval

"An illuminating history bearing on the everlasting struggle for world supremacy fought between the powers of Technology and Magic."

Step off Bakshi Haters! One of the most controversial American animators ever, Ralph Bakshi doesn't skimp on the violence, nudity/sex, or language. Expect sharp social commentary that the general public finds offensive or embarrassing. Seeing what is normally adult subject matter in animated form is usually jolting, but Bakshi takes it to a whole-'nother-level. He's simply a genius. Wizards is one of his best.

Post nuclear holocaust, Delia, Queen of the Fairies, gives birth to twin sons. Both boys are powerful wizards. Avatar is benevolent and wise, while his mutant brother Blackwolf is cruel and merciless, as twisted and deformed in mind as he is in body. When Delia dies, the brothers fight. After his ass-kicking, Blackwolf declares that he will turn the earth into a planet where mutants rule, then skulks away.

3,000 years later, from his base of operations (known as Scortch) Blackwolf launches his final evil master plan. Using technology, Nazi doctrine, dark arts, and his mutant army, he will make war on the Magic folk. Avatar makes a stand to oppose his twin once more. In the final confrontation between Avatar and Blackwolf, the outcome is so ironic and wickedly funny that you'll be cackling with glee.

There's a lot being said in this film, and Wizards is worth several viewings to take it all in. Forget Disney, for real innovative cult classic animation, Ralph Bakshi is your go to guy.