Who Can Kill a Child (1976)

Directed by Narisco Ibanez Serrador

Stars: Lewis Fiander, Prunella Ransome

"Very few tourists go to Almanzora."

This Spanish Children of the Corn starts out with documentary footage of real child victims of various horrific tragedies. We're talking REAL mutilated and dying small kids and babies. Stomach-churning, but an effective opener to set the tone for the remainder of this downbeat horror classic.

Tom and his pregnant wife Evelyn decide to vacation on the remote island of Almanzora. They are puzzled to find the place seemingly deserted. Choosing to muddle along in typical gringo fashion, their plans for a relaxing holiday go terribly awry when they witness the murder of an old man by a little girl (who looks like the evil twin of Tatum O'Neal.) Losing your luggage is not the worst thing that can happen when vacationing in a foreign country!

The children of Almanzora have gone bat-shit crazy, killing every adult in sight. Some sort of demonic infection is passing among them, turning them into murderous predators. Desperately afraid, grief-stricken, and equipped with a machine gun, Tom has to make a terrible decision--can he kill a child? YES he can! Several of them in fact. But not enough to save his life.

Your Mistress has never approved of pregnant women being added to the body count in horror films, and the use of the stock footage in the beginning of this flick is beyond distasteful. However, I think this is a well crafted movie and deserves a wider audience.