Tortured Angels (1982)

Directed by Roy Rosenberg

Stars: Susan Lee, Larry Moore, Stella Jone, George Bill

"OK, you've got pride, but while you're here you're going to have to do without it, and I'm going to start beating it out of you right now!"

This is a terrible example of a WIP film! For the uninitiated, WIP stands for Women in Prison, a complete genre of action/drama films known for it's hot lesbian sex scenes, brutal fights between mostly naked women, and daring escape attempts that result in total chaos and bloodshed. This crud isn't even WIP-Lite. 

Why should you watch this? One reason only. There is an Asian actress who performs throughout this film in blackface and an afro wig! She's supposed to be African American! It's hysterical, and she's the only interesting person in the whole movie.