Three Tough Guys (1974)

Directed by Duccio Tessari

Stars: Isaac Hayes, Fred Williamson, Paula Kelly, Lino Ventura, William Berger

"There's a pretty high mortality rate in this area." Italian made Blaxploitation film. While this flick displays all the trappings of a typical film of this genre, there is something missing in it's composition that keeps it below standard. Let's check off the list.

Music? Check. Isaac Hayes provided the soundtrack as well as starring in the film. Blaxploitation star power? Check. In addition to Hayes, we get Paula Kelly and Fred Williamson. Pimps, whores, druggies? Check, check, and check. Action? Check. There are guns, fisticuffs, and blades all in evidence. (In a weird twist, a priest commits quite a bit of the violence we see in this movie!)

So what is the problem? This movie lacks SOUL. It reeks of being produced to catch onto the Blaxploitation bandwagon for profit only. No real effort was made to involve the viewer in the storyline. You don't give a shit about the characters. Overall, this is simply a flat effort, a funkily wrapped package with nothing inside.