Three Avengers (1982)

Directed by Wah-Kei Wong

Stars: Bruce Li, Chin Yuet Sang, Hon Kwok Choi,  Michael Winston, Bolo Yeung

"The one who won, he was best."

A rousing tale of three friends who set out to avenge the death the of their teacher. Part action, part comedy, and part drama, this is a pretty enjoyable martial arts flick that is engrossing on every level.

Lung and Choi are performers who lose their jobs after getting involved in a brawl. A second run in with the thugs completely demolishes their home and they leave to live with Lung's aunt. Auntie has problems of her own, as real estate developers want her property. Aunt isn't selling, a fact reinforced by our heroes as they kick the crap out of the goons the real estate guys send by periodically to harass the family.

Lee Hu, son of the developer, sends his American friend John over to cause trouble for Lung and Choi, who are now operating a busy kung fu school. Dum-dum John gets his ass soundly kicked, causing him to switch allegiance and join the school as a new student. Due to unfortunate events, Choi is crippled and sent to prison for braining Lee Hu. John returns to the United States, promising to come back and see his friends. Lung goes into acting and becomes a huge kung fu movie star, complete with entourage. Upon Choi's release from jail, their teacher is murdered by Lama Kwok Lee, John's ex-master. The three buddies take on the Lama in a fierce battle to end matters once and for all.

Bruce Li is a great Bruce Lee imitator, and his fighting style is powerful, but Choi is simply amazing. He's a fantastic athlete, in the style of Jackie Chan.

The dude is awfully funny too, especially in the scene where he and John visit a disco. It's a hilarious sequence for his outfit alone. And the dancing will have you howling on the floor. Check this one out, it's worth it.