Thicker than Water: The Vampire Diaries Part 1 (2008)

Directed by Phil Messerer

Stars: Devon Bailey, Eilis Cahill, Michael Strelow, JoJo Hristova

"I've made a shortlist of townspeople who could make likely candidates for human sacrifice."

Yes, I know- this site is dedicated to films shot in 1990 or earlier. BUT, when director Phil Messerer contacted me about this wonderful movie, I HAD to review it. I am glad I watched it, because it gives me hope that there are some modern horror films that are worth your Mistress' time.

Twin sisters Lara and Helen are polar opposites. Lara has a shrine to Anne Rice in her room, need I say more? She's your stereotypical sarcastic goth chickie. Helen is a goody-goody Barbie clone who mocks her sister's overuse of eyeliner. Their brother Raymond is a closet case medical student who still lives at home and collects rubber bands(?!!) Rounding out the happy family are Mom, the bitter ex-figure skater, and Dad, an uncouth clod who promptly exits the story. You won't miss him, there's a lot more going on here.

After a humiliating 16th birthday party, Lara performs a voodoo ritual with Helen as the target of her unsavory intention. When her twin promptly dies, Lara is devastated.

Creepy Raymond experiments on Helen's blood and discovers she had a strange blood virus...before you can say Type O Negative, Helen is back from the grave, pasty faced and gore splattered. She is a vampire! The remainder of the flick deals with how the family copes with Helen's affliction. It's bloody and funny. If you don't laugh when the Mormons get theirs, you have no sense of humor. I've been wanting to get back at these Jesus Salesmen for YEARS (how many times have they woken me up from a booze fueled nap on a Saturday just want to scream "If Jesus can't heal my hangover RIGHT NOW, leave me the fuck alone so I can sleep this off!)

I enjoyed this indie take on the vampire genre. I especially liked the myth of the vampire Oya that is woven into the story (more in Part 2 maybe?) The characters are all well developed, and Raymond was a real revelation, I wouldn't mind watching a movie just about him. A real maniac! Anyway, see this film, I highly recommend it. Watch for recurrent themes of sacrifice and cuckoo birds...

You can vote for this film in the Vampire Film Festival. Do it!