The Scar (1948)

Directed by Steve Sekely

Stars: Paul Henreid, Joan Bennett, Eduard Franz, John Qualen, Leslie Brooks

"You're one of those egotistical smart-alec's with big ideas."

Oh, the irony! Small time crook John Muller gets out of jail, determined to  make a big score. After the robbery of an illegal gambling joint goes wrong, Muller realizes his life is in deep doo-doo and stumbles upon a way out of the whole mess. There is a psychiatrist whom he resembles, the only distinction between the two men being a scar Dr. Bartok has on his cheek. Johnny decides to impersonate Bartok. His plan goes well until he realizes that he's put the scar on the wrong side of his face!

A great little film noir piece, you'll love watching bad guy Muller plot and maneuver his way from one criminal act to another. Paul Henreid is absolutely riveting in the role, and Joan Bennett is sympathetic as the girl who falls for him, knowing all the while he's a snake. There is a feeling of doom from the very beginning, without one moment of humor or levity. An intense viewing experience that is guaranteed to satisfy.