THE PACK (1977)

Directed by Robert Clouse

Stars: Joe Don Baker, RG Armstrong, Ned Wertimer, Bibi Besch

"You mean there's more than ONE?"

Vacationers to Seal Island have a bad habit of abandoning their dogs there when they go back to the city, which creates a huge animal control issue. The dogs are starving and viciously attack anyone that gets in their way. This movie is ten times scarier than Cujo.

The island is completely cut off from civilization. There are no phones, police, firemen, or boy scouts. There is a radio, which is broken. No place is safe when there are about fifteen mangy angry canines on the rampage. 

Funniest scene- fat loser bastard Tommy gets scared while out walking with a female companion and runs off, leaving her to make her way the best that she can in the woods. The pack chases his sorry ass right off a cliff where he falls to his cowardly death.

The dogs in this film are amazing. The humans aren't so bad either.