The One Armed Swordsman (1967)

Directed by Chang Cheh

Stars: Jimmy Wang Yu, Pan Yin Tze, Chiao Chiao, Tin Fung, Liu chia-Liang

"My right arm...What am I going to do without my right arm?!"

After his father is killed defending Master Qi Rufeng, young Fang Gang (nice name) is taken in as apprentice to the master swordsman. Two students become jealous of Fang's skill and close relationship with the teacher, and Qi Rufeng's daughter, the duplicitous Pei-er, is angry that Fang Gang shows no sexual interest in her.

Master Qi Rufeng scolds the three when they pick on Fang, and they plot to punish their target for his perceived arrogance. During the attack, Pei-er cuts off Fang's arm, a truly disgraceful act, since he didn't want to fight the little bitch in the first place and asked her to fight with bare hands (which she agreed to!) Will Fang Gang manage to overcome his sudden handicap and become the master swordsman he's destined to be? Does a one armed bear shit in the woods?

A 1960's Shaw Brothers effort, this film was so popular that it spawned several sequels and made a huge star of Jimmy Wang Yu. While not one of my favorites (too much plot exposition, slow pace, long intervals between fight scenes) this slice and dice classic is worth checking out.