The Astral Factor (1959)

Directed by John Florea

Stars: Robert Foxworth, Stephanie Powers, Elke Sommer, Sue Lyons

"I never wanted to hurt you mama..."

Sicko rejected son of a famous actress kills her and is sent to the nuthouse for felonious crazy folks. We are led to believe that whilst incarcerated, he masters the power of astral projection, amongst other powers. Fact- movies with titles that bear no resemblance to the action usually suck. This movie sucks. It is a grade A stinker.
But it is also pretty damn hilarious. How can a flick with a Mike Brady look-a-like, Rod Stewart's ex-old lady, and that Hart to Hart chick be bad? Plus, it's got the original Lolita in it!

Did I mention NOT ONCE does this fucker astrally project?!! It should have been called The Invisible Factor. The killer is invisible; also unseen is any evidence of talent or a logical plot. You can still enjoy this train wreck, nonetheless. Stephanie Powers is a hot piece of ass and is never fully clothed. Elke Sommer is a hot foreign piece of ass, and her performance is high camp. I am sure Harvey Fierstein will play her role in the remake. The best scenes are the weird avante garde dance performances. They're hysterical! I've said it once, and let me reiterate- NO DANCE SCENES IN HORROR MOVIES, EVER. If you were kidnapped and forced to watch Staying Alive (that's my excuse, find your own) then you have an inkling of how ludicrous these scenes are.

By the way, no astral projection takes place in this film. Did I mention that before? Well, I am saying it again! I mean, I was all excited, like, "Hot damn, I'm gonna get my astral projection on tonight!" Didn't happen.

Side note - this film was originally titled Invisible Strangler. Oh...