Suddenly (1954)

Directed by Lewis Allen

Stars: Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, Kim Charney, Nancy Gates, James Gleason

"Things happen so slow now, the town council is figuring to change the name to Gradually."

In the small town of Suddenly, hit men hold a family hostage as they wait for the President of the United States to arrive in town so that they can assassinate him.
This is a terrific melodrama that moves along at a quick pace. Sinatra is electrifying as the main baddie, a disturbed ex-soldier who isn't buying into the ideals of the American Dream. And little Kim Charney is excellent as Pidge, a brave kid who has the nerve to stand up to the would-be murderers.

It is understandable that this film was withdrawn for years from public view in light of JFK's death in Dallas. The parallels are uncanny. But do see this movie, it is a great period piece with wonderful performances all around.