Student Confidential (1987)

Directed by Richard Horian

Stars: Eric Douglas, Marlon Jackson, Ronee Blakley, Richard Horian, Susan Scott

"Yes I resent you, you're stupid!"

What the fuck?! How to begin to describe this shitstorm? Well, two of the "stars" have a talented brother named Michael. As a rule, movies that star the siblings of A-Listers are typically a train-wreck, and this is no exception. You know right away it's going to be awful, but you can't look away from the carnage. Eric and Marlon can hold their heads up though, their performances aren't any worse than anyone else's in this butt-smear on film. Seriously, the writer/director/actor wiped his ass and called it a movie.

Troma tackles the troubled teen genre? Yes they do, and the results are exactly what you'd expect...Tromatic. Skip this lunacy about a disturbed counselor who is hired to help teenagers with their personal problems unless you enjoy being Tromatized. In his entire career Ed Wood never created anything as shitty as this flick!