Snowbeast (1977)

Directed by Herb Wallerstein

Stars: Bo Svenson, Robert Logan, Yvette Mimieux, Clint Walker, Sylvia Sidney

"This wasn't an animal, and it wasn't human either!"

Abominable snowman wrecks winter carnival! Will the Winter Queen survive? Does anyone give a shit?

Kind of a Jaws on Ice, this movie is about a creature threatening the tourists at a winter resort while the people in charge decide to ignore the rising body count and proceed as normal. A total snoozefest, Snowbeast is innovative in that none of the black characters get killed, a rarity in the horror film genre. Oh wait, this is a film about SKIING, there are no black characters! My bad.

Sylvia Sidney is irritating as the old queen who runs Rill Lodge. Robert Logan yells a lot. Yvette Mimieux is akin to a Robonic Stooge, bland and boring as hell. Only Bo Svenson shows any charm as the Olympic gold medalist adapting to a new stage in his life. I suggest he start by feeding his wife to the Snowbeast!

Obviously made during the heyday of the Bigfoot craze in American pop culture, this flick is only mildly entertaining, and does have some good scary moments that are outside the tv movie trappings. Otherwise, the action is just dull dull dull. If you drink a glass of warm milk while watching this, you might slip into a coma.