Directed by Robert Hiltzik

Stars: Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, Karen Fields, Christopher Collett

"Yo Angela, how come you're so fucked up...I mean like, what's your problem?"

Robert Hiltzik dedicated this movie to his mother. I wonder how she reacted after she viewed this nastiness for the first (and I'm sure only) time?

The accents are so thick in this one, you might want to watch it with subtitles.
Nevertheless, this is a great slasher flick that has a strong cult following, and with good reason.

8 years ago, Angela is witness to the accidental death of her father and sibling. Now living with cuckoo Aunt Martha and protective cousin Ricky, Angela leaves for Camp Arawak with her cuz. Auntie M has kindly forged the camp physical paperwork for the kids, warning them not to tell anyone that she filled them out herself, even though she is a doctor. This lady is a doctor?!!

Camp Arawak IS wack. At least at Camp Crystal Lake you only have the killer to worry about. I am sure that none of the staff or the owner is qualified to work with children in any way, shape, or form. There's an obvious pedophile cook, dumb as dirt counselors, a maniacal owner, Robert Earl Jones (James' daddy) as the creepy second cook in command...And then there are the campers themselves. With their half shirts and Daisy Dukes on (the boys too!) and their insufferable attitudes, you see right away that shell-shocked Angela doesn't have a chance. She doesn't fit in and immediately makes an enemy of super bitch teen queen Judy. Angela looks perpetually stunned by her environment, her eyes as wide as a deer's caught in the headlights. If only!

This movie is infamous for its famous final scene, so I won't go into it here. But if you haven't seen it, DO IT NOW. You won't regret it. This film is gruesome and full of icky surprises. There is an effective aura of foreboding from beginning to end, and you will be disgusted enough with Camp Arawak to empathize with Angela's predicament.