Scream Bloody Murder (1973)

Directed by Marc B. Ray

Stars: Fred Holbert, Leigh Mitchell, Angus Scrimm, Rob Bastone

"See what I do for you...I get groceries, and clothes, and art stuff, and kill you appreciate it?!"

For reasons that remain as murky as this film, a child kills his father with a tractor, losing his hand accidentally in the process. Badda bing- he's sent to a crazy house and fitted with a cool claw hand. Mom never comes to visit in all the years he lives there. I wonder why?

An older, freakier looking Matthew emerges from the institution, ready to be reunited with his beloved mother. (Who authorized this guy's release? He's obviously nuttier than a fruitcake.) Unfortunately, his release date is also mommy's wedding day and our boy doesn't like that one bit. Matthew wastes no time wasting his new daddy and his unfaithful mother. Then he hits the road, in one of the weirdest murder sprees ever committed to film.

I love this movie! It's supremely craptacular. Bad acting runs rampant, as does the "kid" Matthew. (He looks about 30 years old, but everyone keeps calling him a kid. This viewer was not convinced, and you won't be either. He looks like Stuart from MadTV.) What were they smoking when they came up with this storyline? I want some! Even the music is unbelievable. 

Best scene- a feeble old woman with two canes does not go quietly when Matthew tries to murderize her. She puts up the best fight in the film! Watch out for an unrecognizable Angus Scrimm as her doctor. Too bad he didn't have a couple of those flying silver orbs with him, he might have survived to see the end of this movie.

Think of it as an empowerment film for the handicapped...
You'll laugh bloody murder when you see this one.