Savage Weekend (1979)

Directed by David Paulsen

Stars: The Boom Mic, William Sanderson, Christopher Allport, David Gale, Marilyn Hamlin

"...I bet it's that tiny little thing your mother sucks on every night before she puts you to bed!"

Arrogant, neurotic city slickers go out to the boonies and tangle with murderous country bumpkins. The story doesn't matter, this film is actually a drinking game. Every time you see the boom mic, or it's shadow, take a shot! I guarantee you will be drunk as a lord by the time this sleazy film is through.

Best scene- Nicky, a flaming queen from the Bronx, beats the cowflop outta some ignorant hicks at the local watering hole. Nick's wearing a pair of shorts so tight you can see Tony Orlando and Dawn tying a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree!

This flick is a total mess technically and dramatically, but it's got some genuinely funny and entertaining moments that will hold your attention. Remember- watch out for Boom Mic, the real star of the show.