Salon Kitty (1976)

Directed by Tinto Brass (Uh-oh, you know what that means!)

Stars: Helmut Berger, Ingrid Thulin, Teresa Ann Savoy,  John Ireland, John Steiner

"It would have been easy enough to choose professionals, but The Fuhrer has greater confidence in political faith than technique."

Wacky Nazi sexual hijinks run rampant in this perverse 70's sexploitation flick. Female German citizens are recruited to house a special brothel servicing the Reich's officers, all so that their sexual acts can be secretly recorded for blackmail purposes. Once again Brass shows he has balls of aforementioned metal. He has no restraint. Racism, necrophilia, transvestism, gratuitous violence, perversity, voyeurism, and the most twisted Nazi propaganda abound. You won't want to watch, but you won't be able to resist.

Everything is on display, up close and personal, nothing is left to the imagination. The orgy scene where the ladies are initiated into their new profession is bizarre. The test scene in the cages (with all manner of partner, including a Gypsy, aggressive lesbian, an amputee, and an emaciated Jewish prisoner, among others) is astonishing. You will not believe this was put on film.

The saving grace are several musical numbers, most starring the enigmatic madam Kitty Kellermann. They are each delightful and original, a welcome respite from the predominant nastiness.

As an experienced viewer of Nazi sexploitation, your Mistress declares this one as one of the most degrading and disgusting- but it is done with style. Movies of this genre ALWAYS go totally over the top, and I can only speculate that because the Nazi's were so extreme in their beliefs and actions, the filmmakers feel free to unleash their darkest fantasies on camera, without fear or any sense of self control. Not recommended except to the most hardcore cult movie fan. None but the brave can handle this Nazi sextravaganza.