Directed by Paul Lynch

Stars: Jamie Lee Curtis, Leslie Nielsen, Casey Stevens, Eddie Benton, Michael Tough

"The killer is coming!"

Prom night IS horrible. Stupid clothes, watching your classmates gyrate like idiots to terrible music, a deranged person slicing and dicing party-goers...Good times.

Wendy, Kelly, Nick and Jude are playing a nasty version of Hide and Seek when Robin intrudes. She stutters, so of course they hate her. The little monsters cause Robin to have a fatal accident and they leave her broken and bloody, promising to never tell what they've done. Twin brother Alex and big sis Kim are shattered (nowhere near as much as Robin was) by what has happened.

Six years later, it's prom night, which also happens to be the anniversary of Robin's death. Someone is calling those responsible, promising to see them at the prom. Yeah! Vengeance is mine, sayeth Mystery Caller.

So, the dance begins and teens get butchered. You'll wish you were on the killer's list when the film takes an unexpected and unwelcome "disco break" and we're treated to the unholy exhibition of Kim and Nick performing an awfully choreographed routine to the title theme. (This song will linger in your mind for hours.) The gist is this- Wendy, who is Nick's ex, shows up at the event dressed like a girl for hire. Kim grabs Nick and says, "Let's show her what we can do!" They proceed to embarrass themselves and the entire human race. The prom's theme is Disco Madness. Indeed... I am starting a revolutionary movement, it's called
NO DAMN DANCE SCENES IN HORROR MOVIES. NO. NONE. EVER. Except Grace Jones in Vamp, that was sexy.

The revelation of the killer's identity is surprising and packs a nice punch. The ending is poignant and heartbreaking, for those of you who have a heart. As for the rest of us, we're wishing the killer had succeeded in putting the big chop on the last victim.

Overall, Prom Night is a good flick. But it is nowhere near the bloody prom massacre of Carrie. 

Sad side note- this film was unnecessarily rehashed in 2008. If you watched this garbage, you're a traitor to the cult film community and must exit this site immediately.

Not so sad side note - I would have voted for Wendy and Lou as prom king and queen. They rule! When they're not busy being dead.