Port of New York (1949)

Directed by Laslo Benedek

Stars: Scott Brady, Yul Brynner, Richard Rober, Arthur Blake, Lynne Carter

"In that package was death- that's why a dragnet had to be thrown out over the entire city; in this package were the seeds of destruction, bacteria to start a plague of violence and misery."

A taut film noir about The Florentine Case, a gritty tale of illegal drug trafficking and the race against time to trace those responsible before the the narcotics can hit the street.

Yul Brynner (with hair!) portrays ruthless drug kingpin Paul Vicola with just the right amount of menace and superiority. It's interesting to see New York in the forties as the story backdrop, with scenes set in Grand Central Station and a great club called simply "The Gay Club". The narrative style gives this one a documentary feel.