Mandinga (1976)

Directed by Mario Pinzauti

Stars: Antonio Gismondo, Paola D'Egidio, Serafino Profumo, Maria Rosaria Riuzzi

"I'm just showing you that you're a slave, and I'm master of your body and life."

An Italian sexploitation/blaxploitation hybrid about life on a Louisiana plantation. A better title would be Oops, I Married My Black Sister. Anyway, there is beaucoup interracial sex and graphic violence to satisfy lovers of this type of ilk.

Rhonda goes to Louisiana to visit the cotton plantation of Master Richard Hunter, who was once married to her cousin. Richard asks her to stay on and help manage the place. Rhonda is a kinky bitch, and it isn't long before she's eyeing the  male slaves and getting a sparkle in her eye when she witnesses them being punished. Also hip to the fact that the white men take advantage of the female slaves, Rhonda wants in on some of that action. Before you can say "Emancipation Proclamation" she's getting her rocks off.

Richard becomes infatuated with a Mandingan princess he  has purchased and rapes her. She dies in childbirth. The slaves hide the child, fearing Hunter will hurt it. Meanwhile, Rhonda has become Richard's lover by impressing him with her cruelty and willingness to be his white slave. These two freaks were made for each other!

Twenty years later, Clarence Hunter comes home after completing his education in England. He falls instantly in love with the minister's daughter. Rhonda is not happy about this. She wants to run the plantation and since Richard won't marry her, Clarence is her only other chance at taking over. When the elder Hunter finds out her plan, he almost has a heart attack! He knows her too well and doesn't want her marrying into the family. So Rhonda goes on the attack, seducing Clarence a.s.a.p.
Soon she is sleeping nights with daddy and son. Ewwww...

Clarence, as much of an asshole as his father, still sexes Rhonda while pursuing Reverend Foster's daughter. He asks Mary to marry him and she accepts.
Rhonda is really pissed now and coerces Clarence into some group nasty with two slaves. Her plan backfires; Clarence tells her she's perverted and he doesn't want anything more to do with her. He's disgusted with himself for having sex with a slave since he detests them.

Mary and Clarence marry, soon she is pregnant. While he's away in New Orleans, she gives birth. The baby is black! It turns out that Mary is actually the daughter Richard Hunter had with the Mandinga slave woman. Well, before it's all sorted out, Rhonda is killed by Richard, and Clarence causes the death of Mary. At the end, Richard Hunter decides to accept the baby as his heir. Please contact me if you can complete the family tree for these degenerates.