Malibu High (1979)

Directed by Irwin Berwick

Stars: Jill Lansing, Katie Johnson, Stuart Taylor, Alex Mann, Tammy Taylor

"I'm gonna get the highest grades and studying isn't gonna have anything to do with it!"

Poor Kim! He boyfriend Kevin dumped her for a rich bitch, her father committed suicide, and she's flunking half of her classes. She might not graduate! What's a girl to do but turn to prostitution?

Laughable from beginning to end on so many levels...Pick your target, there are many. The soundtrack, the clothes, the acting, the nudity (none of which is arousing), the drug use, the idea that the main character would even be remotely appealing to ANYONE enough to pay her for sex. (She looks nothing like the chick on the movie posters, something you'll notice right away.) This is just bad, but bad in a funny way. Follow Kim and Lucy's example- bring out the bong if you plan to watch this junk.