House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

Directed by Ruggero Deodato

Stars: David Hess, Christian Borromeo, Annie Belle, Giovanni Lombardo Radice

"Now we're gonna have fun with these cunts!"

This Eurosleaze classic starts with a rape/murder and then just takes the train straight to Crazy Town. Anyone who has seen Last House on the Left will notice similarities right away, from star David Hess to the ripoff title!

The action starts when nasty creepo Alex rapes and kills a woman he met earlier in the evening at a disco. (How he manages to rape her while wearing his zipped up slacks only the director knows.) Later, he and his mentally challenged buddy Ricky are inexplicably invited to a party by a snobby young couple who don't seem to mind this sweaty and socially inept pair of rejects.

Alex and Ricky eventually unleash their barely hidden animosity upon the party goers, sexually assaulting and thrashing everyone in sight. This goes on for quite a long time. One begins to wonder how all these seemingly sophisticated and intelligent people couldn't figure out how to overpower these two nimrods. But wait...there's more! In a twist, it turns out that this chic group has lured Alex and Ricky to the house in order to avenge the violence committed by Alex in the beginning of the film. They are willing to let themselves be humiliated and violated (for what seems an ETERNITY) in order to justify their reciprocal savagery. Sound screwy? It is!

Repulsive, crude, offensive...these are a few choice words to describe this flick. Yet, there are some strangely erotic moments as well, if you can stand the fact that David Hess is involved in the scenes. It will take a strong stomach to sit through this entire film. If you are lucky enough to see it on DVD with Extras, watch them! David Hess' interview is a jaw dropper. He's as gross in real life as he is in movies! Ick. Your Mistress wanted to beat him within an inch of his life listening to his bullshit.

To sum it all up for you, expect to see exactly what the director of Cannibal Holocaust would create. Vomilicious!