High School Hitchhikers (1973)

Directed by Jean Rollin

Stars: Pierre Julien, Gilda Arancio, Joelle Coeur, Francois Brincourt, Willy Braque

"That bed seemed to be waiting for us."

The opening titles and catchy theme song gave me high hopes for this skin flick. Unfortunately, my dreams were quickly destroyed. Jean Rollin made this stinker?!
Oh, the humanity! This weak story of two "teen" hitchers and their encounter with lusty jewel thieves is by turns laughable and dull. The only erotic scene is early on, when the two nymphos get it on in what they think is a deserted house. (When will white people quit just walking up in folks' cribs? It only leads to trouble every time...)
Since this is the first sex scene, I recommend turning off this junk right after. If you can stomach ugly people body bumping, view on! The most enjoyable part of this film is the smoky jazz soundtrack, fitting for this type of fare.  The domineering female crook,  in her leather pants and riding crop, is of minimal interest. It wouldn't be a crime to skip this blot on Jean Rollin's record.