Go Kill and Come Back (1967)

Directed by Enzo G. Castellari

Stars: Edd Byrnes, George Hilton, Gilbert Roland, Stefania Careddu

"If you're going to shoot a man, go ahead and shoot him and get it over with."

A spaghetti western sans Clint Eastwood can still be quite enjoyable, judging by this fun movie. Things get popping right away with the arrival of three gangsters into town. They see a cart with three coffins on it and ask who the dead men are. They're promptly shot. How efficient!

A huge gold shipment is being transported by train with a contingent of Union soldiers on guard. Clayton (played by the sexy Edd Byrnes- meeeeooooowww) is in charge of making sure the delivery arrives at its destination. The Stranger watches everything, hoping the gold is stolen so he can rake in cash by catching the bandits. Montero is the bandit leader who plots to steal the shipment with his treacherous comrades.

This is a very well made film that satirizes the Italian western genre. The story is tight and will keep you interested as character motives are revealed and alliances switch in the blink of an eye. A little known gem that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.