Galaxy Invader (1985)

Directed by Don Dohler

Stars: Greg Dohler, Richard Ruxton, Fay Tilles, Ann Frith, Don Leifert

"If we run away from Harleyville, things will NEVER be right!"

 Really? From what I can see, Harleyville is a perfect place to run from. You'll actually feel sorry for the "monster" (who looks like he's wearing a green shag carpet and a cheap rubber mask) for being so unfortunate to land in this little shitburg.

Obviously Don Dohler got together with his friends and family and said, "Gang, let's put on a show!" This is a pretty (unintentionally) funny little flick. It is an allegory about racism thinly disguised as a science fiction movie, but you'll be laughing too much to pay attention to the message. The alien is constantly running away from this town of Bud drinking rednecks as they try to capture it to make big bucks. Holy yokels on the loose, Batman!