Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Directed by Arthur Crabtree 

Stars: Marshall Thompson, Kim Parker, Kynaston Reeves, Stanley Maxted

"It's as if some mental vampire were at work!"

A military base is the setting for this sci-fi classic. A scientist's thoughts become invisible monsters that attack people, sucking out brains and spinal cords from the victims. With a boost of Vitamin A (also known as "atomic energy") these creepy creatures become visible. When you see them, you'll probably die laughing.

The sound effects in this flick are supremely revolting. Sliding, grunting, crunching, sucking, slurping...It's enough to make you puke. When the monsters are revealed in all their stupefying, animated glory, it justifies sitting through everything prior to this moment, as the film is slow going and a bit on the dull side. The big showdown between our heroes and the creatures is fantastic and must be seen to be believed!

Basically, another science fiction spectacle about an eccentric scientist creating mayhem and destruction in a world he disdains, reiterating the fact that crazy smart people are really just crazy crazy people.