DOA (1950)

Directed by Rudolph Mate

Stars: Edmond O'Brien, Pamela Britton, Beverly Garland, Neville Brand, William Ching

"I want to report a murder."

Frank Bigelow stumbles into a police station to report a murder- his own. After this shocking revelation, Bigelow recounts a twisted tale of deception and death. To say more would ruin the fun of this film noir favorite.

This is a truly original film that will keep you guessing all the way. How many victims get the chance to solve their own murder? Watching Frank transform from unassuming accountant to hard boiled investigator is wonderful to behold as he has no problem getting physical with the men and women who hold clues to his murderer's identity. Though the 80's remake with Dennis Quaid is good, the storyline is entirely different. This version is a must see and is superior in every way.