Day of the Panther (1988)

Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith

Stars: Edward John Stazak, Paris Jefferson, Michael Carman, Linda Megier

"This kung fu crap...they're only human."

An Aussie martial arts film from the 80's? Whatever wacky images this incites in  your mind is what you get from this movie. Cheesy clothes, script, music, etc.

Jason Blade returns to Australia from Hong Kong and finds out his partner has been killed. He immediately sets out to avenge her. His plan is to infiltrate the gang responsible and go all Panther Clan on their asses.

The best fight scene doesn't even involve our "hero", instead it's his partner Linda who appears to have superior fighting skills. She takes on a group of guys wearing creepy masks and you can see that she's a decent brawler. It's too bad her character gets killed, it would have been more interesting if she were the one avenging Jason's death.

For this genre, this movie is a mediocre entry. The action is okay, the martial arts not so much. (Hence the listing under Action!)  It's been done better far too many times to rate this as a good film. Watchable but forgettable..