Cindy and Donna (1970)

Directed by Robert Anderson

Stars: Sue Allen, Nancy Ison, Debbie Osborn, Cheryl Powell

"Cindy, if that skirt were any shorter, it'd be up to your bellybutton!"

What kind of children does the following combination produce- sloppy drunk mom plus perverted father? Well, take a look at Cindy and Donna. Donna's a certified slut, and Cindy is considering taking the same route. 

A fairly decent 70's sexploitation film that doesn't skimp on the nudity. This flick has an aura of innocence to it that's appealing, but some of the story elements might be a turnoff. And the actors portraying the teenage girls do look awfully young, while their sexual partners are much older. The abrupt ending is startling. They probably were running out of film and decided on a quick ending!