Chuckle's Revenge (2009)

Directed by Tara Robinson

Stars: Nicola Fiore, Liannet Borrego, Brigette Robinson, Kristina Plisko, Jesse Schwartz

"We didn't order no fucking clown, we ordered a stripper!"

Rules are meant to be broken, especially by moi. That's why your Mistress is happy to review this little piece of interactive video gore, even though it was made in 2009. Thank you to Adam Prusan, creator and producer of Chuckle's Revenge for sending me your film to review! Your Mistress is very pleased...

Poor Chuckle, all he wants to do is entertain a bunch of hot drunken sluts at a birthday party. Unfortunately, these ladies were expecting Long Dong Silver or some such to show up and grind against their knees for dollar bills, so they are not in the least bit amused by Chuckle's antics.  A year after being pantsed AND assaulted by the birthday party bitches, Chuckle decides it's time for revenge!

This movie is fun, plain and simple. It's a Choose Your Own Adventure horror flick. You decide what the characters will do. My favorite choice was between smoking or drinking (took me an hour to pick one, I wanted to do both!) An interactive horror movie is a genius idea, especially for those fans who complain about the dumbass decisions characters YOU can make the stupid choices for them!

Scary clown, smokin' hot girls, blood...this one I recommend highly.