Chinatown Kid (1977)

Directed by Chang Cheh

Stars: Alexander Fu Sheng, Philip Kwok, Wang Lung Wei, Sun Chien, Lo Meng

"When you are poor, you must struggle!"

Tough but naive Tan Tung flees Hong Kong to San Francisco's Chinatown after being set up by a gangster. Completely out of his element, he befriends a co-worker who is also new to the United States. Unfortunately, Tan Tung can't seem to keep away from trouble and eventually finds himself involved in a turf war between the Chinatown gangs.

This is my favorite Shaw Brothers film. Fu Sheng is excellent, and it is sad that such a talented guy died so young. (Alexander Fu Sheng, who had bought the late Bruce Lee's house, died after a fatal car accident. He was 28.) The final showdown is AWESOME, a full out melee involving guns, a cool belt buckle/knife, and fists and feet a flyin'!

Ignore the cheese factor and relax. Yes, they obviously are not actually in Chinatown. Yes, those are the same white folks serving as extras in all the "american" scenes. This isn't  a George Lucas production people...For the most part, the acting is great, and the action is fantastic. Fu Sheng and Sun Chien make an awesome ass-kicking team.