Cat Ballou (1965)

Directed by Elliot Silverstein

Stars: Lee Marvin, Jane Fonda, Nat King Cole, Michael Callan, Stubby Kaye

"...I ain't got nothin' against ''s all over for them, just like it is for the gunfighter, except they didn't give us no reservation or teach us how to weave rugs."

Lee Marvin deserved the Oscar he won for his dual roles in this terrific western spoof. As noseless baddie Tim Strawn and alcoholic has-been Kid Shelleen, Marvin is a delight to behold.

Jane Fonda is Cat, who forms an outlaw gang from a drunk, a young Indian boy, and two thieves who don't shoot their guns (on principle.) Nat King Cole and Stubby Kaye are fantastic as the singing narrators of this rollicking tale. Simply perfection.