Directed by Richard Jeffries

Stars: James Earl Jones, Martin Kove, Jose Ferrer, Deborah Shelton

"You weren't expected, and the natives here aren't exactly friendly."

I wish I'd been in on the meeting when this movie was pitched, as I am sure there was plentiful booze and good shit to smoke floating around the room. They just don't make weed this good anymore, as evidenced by this crazy mess of a movie.

Basic plot is Neil (portrayed by Martin Kove- yes, sensei!) goes to a remote island in Greece to find his sister. He and wife Sherry don't receive a warm welcome from the pissed off inhabitants. Apparently, weird treasure hunter Frye (James Earl Jones) has awakened an ancient creature that demands ritual virgin sacrifice. All of this has to do with some nuns in a monastery(??) and the cuckoo sister, Madeline.

What we have here are a few great actors and some terrible actors slumming it on location in Greece. Surely the legendary Jose Ferrer hadn't read the entire script when he signed on for this train wreck. There's a nun massacre, a monster that is seen for a few seconds, a barely coherent Jones, and a freaky incestuous kiss between Neil and Madeline. WTF?! And Deborah Shelton couldn't act her way out of a wet paper bag. Frye should have blown the whole island up 15 minutes into the film to spare the viewers.