Animal Farm (1954)

Directed by Joy Batchelor and John Halas

Voices: Gordon Heath, Maurice Denham

"Now and forever, all animals are equal."

1950's  animated version of the George Orwell novel. The animals of Manor Farm revolt after suffering under the abusive and oppressive management of Mr. Jones.
After establishing the idyllic Animal Farm, the animals find themselves in worse circumstances after the pig Napoleon forms a dictatorship where he rules with an iron hoof.

A grim fable regarding the nature of tyranny and greed, this is a disturbing and thought provoking film that should be required viewing. There are strong inferences to the Russian Revolution and enough character connection to real historical figures to where this movie could be used as a teaching aid.  There are a few missteps, with some cutesy animation thrown in Disney style, but the content remains strong. Brilliantly done.