5 Deadly Venoms (1978)

Directed by Chang Cheh

Stars: Chiang Sheng, Philip Kwok, Lu Feng, Wei Pai, Sun Chien, Lo Meng

"What I've taught them could be used wrongly, to hurt men."

That is an understatement if I ever heard one. This groundbreaking flick is very likely the most popular Shaw Brothers production of them all. The coolness of this movie cannot be put into mere words, but your Mistress of Distress will give it a shot!

The dying master of the Poison Clan dispatches his last pupil to find 5 ex-students who are all masters of various poisonous animal styles. He does not know their true identities, and the only hint of who they might be is in their kung fu skills, which they are sure to be masking. These bad-asses are- The Centipede, Snake, Scorpion, Lizard, and Toad. In a nutshell, Master tells Yang, don't fuck with these dudes on your own. You only know a little of each of their styles and they can all kill you. You better hook up with one of them if you like wearing your guts inside your skin. Peace out.

This movie is martial arts perfection. The action scenes are incredible. The violence is especially brutal, and the camera doesn't shy away from the bruises and bloody aftermath of the battles. Even the Iron Maiden makes an appearance! The sequences showcasing each Venom's particular mastery of his fighting style remains among the best in kung fu cinema.

Unlike a slew of this genre's brethren, this movie has a tight plot and will hold your attention from beginning to end with its tale of intrigue, treachery, and justice. When I say you better watch this movie, you say, "Sho 'nuff!"