Terror of Tiny Town (1938)

Directed by Sam Newfield

Stars: Billy Curtis, Little Billy Rhodes, Yvonne Moray, Billy Platt, Charles Becker

"I'm the toughest hombre who ever drew lead, and I ain't afraid of the biggest one of you- I'm the terror of Tiny Town..."

A western/musical with all midget actors, this film is an entertaining and charming oddity. The budding romance between Buck Lawson and Nancy Preston is threatened by the feud between their families. It's all a scheme by rotten black hat Bat Haines to take over both ranches.

It's all so damn cute! Watching the performers walk underneath swinging saloon doors elicits a giggle every time, there are plenty of comedic scenes woven into the plot, and the songs are good too. And look at the tiny horses! Kids are sure to like this one as well. Innocent and fun.

Side note- Billy Curtis also appeared in the Clint Eastwood gothic western,  High Plains Drifter.