Pick Up (1975)

Directed by Bernard Hirschenson

Stars: Gini Eastwood, Jill Senter, Alan Long, Tom Quinn, John Winter

"Awaken to a new sense of consciousness, prepare to meet on this day one who will lead you to sacred ground."

WTF?? This is one trippy scene, man. Two free spirited chicks hitch a ride with a dude delivering a motor home from Miami to Tallahassee. The trio become lost in the Everglades and the film rockets into outer space with lots of sex and weird, hallucinatory sequences.

It's all beautifully shot, but I was confused throughout. My main reaction is "huh?"
The sex scenes are really well done, maybe a bit too artsy fartsy for some though.
If you ever wanted to see a couple do it in a tree, here's your chance! The girls are gorgeous, and the guy is cute in a hippie sort of way. Worth repeated viewings if you can get past the strangeness. 

Welcome to the Grindhouse - The Teacher and the Pick-Up
Starring Angel Tompkins, Jay North, Anthony James, Marlene Schmidt, Barry Atwater